Ryan Gosling — The Most Desirable Man in America

Ryan Gosling — The Most Desirable Man in America

Ryan Gosling, now called the most desired man in America, recently gave an occasion to talk about himself. Having made a sharp vertical take-off, he turned from just a famous actor into a star of the first magnitude, claiming the most prestigious film awards — Golden Globe and Oscar. It is not surprising that the interest in his biography, both professional and personal, has sharply increased.

Rambo or Rocky? 

About the profession of the actor, Ryan dreamed since childhood. Since the time he was transferred to homeschooling because of hyperactivity as his mobile and curious nature at school prevented teachers from conducting lessons. To ensure that his son did not miss being alone, the mother who worked in the school library brought him cassettes with old films, through which he discovered the art of cinema. When all the tapes were revised, Ryan began to go to the nearest movie theater, where he did not miss a single premiere.

Returning to school, Gosling began to amuse his classmates, portraying before them Charlie Chaplin, Yul Brynner, Clark Gable, and even Harrison Ford. But Ryan’s favorite film was the action movie Rambo, which almost killed a classmate. Imagining himself as Sylvester Stallone’s character, Gosling came to school with kitchen knives and started throwing them at kids. Ryan had to promise his mother that nothing like this would happen again. Soon violated the oath by getting into a fight after the premiere of another action movie, Rocky, he was badly beaten since he was weak physically.

After few years, Gosling was successful in getting a role in popular American teen show Mickey Mouse Club along with Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Justin Timberlake. Two years of filming turned Ryan into a professional actor. From this moment, his creative destiny was predetermined but Gosling had to wait until he was offered a more mature role.

In Pursuit of the “Golden Globe” and “Oscar”

Like many modern stars, Gosling began working in the film after his success on TV. The first serious role of Ryan was the drama of Henry Bin “The Believer”, where he happened to play a teenager who under the influence of circumstances became a skinhead. Gosling was successful in getting the role of the male lead in Nick Cassavetes film, which was based on Nicolas Sparks’ novel “The Notebook”. Ryan believed that Noah’s character seemed to have been written only for him. Finally, Nicolas Winding Refn and «The Ides of March» by George Clooney gave him roles in the films «Drive». Gosling also received a nomination for the Golden Globe Award, but, alas, did not receive it.

Justice triumphed when Gosling was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Actor in the musical “La La Land” but was disappointed when he didn’t receive Oscar.

Favorite Actor’s Women: Love and Hate

Gosling cannot boast of classic facial features, but his charisma surely makes women swoon over their feet. That is why he is called “The Most Desirable Man in America”. However, the actor himself believes that appearance does not matter. Women like men who can listen to them and Ryan has such a gift

He met Sandra Bullock while filming “Murder by Numbers”. The relationship between her and Gosling was very surprising to everyone who knew about them. The fact is that Sandra was eighteen years older than her young lover was. The actors at first thought that this fact does not matter, but after a year, Bullock and Gosling broke up.

His next lover was Rachel McAdams, whom he met on the set of “The Notebook”. Their love began with hatred: Gosling and McAdams did not like each other. Ryan even asked the director, Nick Cassavetes, to hire another actress to play the role of Allie. He refused, and later Gosling was grateful to him. After the shooting, the actors began a violent romance. They converged and disagreed, quarreled and reconciled. It was no wonder later Ryan himself called his relationship with Rachel “love hell.” Very soon, it became clear that neither of them could stand this passion. The actors parted giving the typical Hollywood reason that their careers prevented them from building and developing relationships.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

After Rachel McAdams disappeared from his life, he met Eva Mendes on the set of the movie “The Place Beyond the Pines”.

The sultry beauty of the Cuban eclipsed everyone, and since then Gosling’s heart belonged only to her. His feelings were not hampered even by the fact that Eve was six years older than Ryan was. They concealed their relationship from the public, which shows that this time, unlike previous short-lived romances, Gosling took it seriously. Ryan and Eve began to live together, and then their two daughters, Esmeralda and Amada, were born. In all interviews, Ryan said that the most important thing in life for him is a family — Eva, and girls.

Journalists have repeatedly spread the news that Gosling and Mendes were separating, but every time the rumors turned out to be false. In 2017, their family had a real crisis when Ryan and Eve decided to part ways and live separately. Friends of the actors say that Gosling could not forgive his wife (it is still unknown whether the actors are married or not) that she did not support him at the Oscar and Golden Globes awards ceremonies, although his speech was dedicated to his family. Besides, the jealousy of Eve was unbearable for Ryan. She suspected her husband of having a secret relationship with Emma Stone, with whom he starred in three films. Fans of the pair hope that their idols will reconcile.

Ryan Gosling Saved Me!”

Gosling has one weakness: he loves to eat sweets. He can give anything for just a slice of cake. Ryan is completely indifferent to the machines before. After starring in the movie “Drive” he became interested in them and began to understand the characteristics of the engine and the amount of horsepower hidden under the hood.

However, with the male character traits, Gosling has no problems. We can say that he is a superhero not only in the movies but also in life. Once the actor risked his own life by stopping people from fighting on the street, and another time he saved the English writer Laurie Penny, who was nearly hit by a taxi. Perhaps no one would have known about it, if not for Penny herself, who immediately wrote about this event on Twitter, “Ryan Gosling Saved Me!”

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