Would We Live Longer or Stay Healthier if We Became Vegans?

Though vegans and non-vegetarians will continue debating on whether including animal protein in a balanced dieting regimen is always healthier than subsisting exclusively on greens, some facts stand out. For instance, an individual who’s been consuming pure vegetarian fare for the last two decades will tend to outlive his or her non-vegetarian counterpart by nothing less than 4 years.

Debate over the significance of fats in diet

Fat rich foods are more and more demonized as the enemy to good health. However, there is more to be discovered when it comes to butter. The discussion on the significance of health enhancing dietary fats must carry on in this regard. Human body requires saturated fats to function properly. The process of evolution involved the consumption of fruits and animal products to exist on earth. There is no point making a fuss over low fats as the human body is designed to consume these foods.

Steps to come up with proper protein shakes that are functional

Protein shakes serve as a great dietary intake which helps in achieving fitness goals. People involved in workout to build muscles, to get slimmer or even satisfy growing hunger also depend on this shake. With the availability of numerous variants, people may confuse protein types, liquids, and mix-ins in many instances. As a result, protein shake may not bring the desired outcome.

Coconut Oil for weight loss?

There has been a great increase in not only obesity in the United States in the past 50 years, but also heart disease and other illnesses.

Each year there are many new hot ‘trends’ of super foods or super ‘solutions’ to many health woes or challenges. For example, the Acai Berry, Banana-only diets, and most recently, Avocados. But are these rumors true, or are they just common myths?

Coconut Oil through the 70’s and early 80’s had a high level of unnatural sugars, and the amount of saturated fat it possessed.