Stresfull hildhood may cause lots of problems later on in life

Dysfunctional childhood, and antidepressants can trigger cardiovascular disease, warning Western doctors. Particularly harmful stress were transferred at an early age. They increase the risk of heart disease by 31% in women over forty years, and 17% – for men the same age.

A study in the joy of childhood reduces the risk of cardio-vascular system, and frequent stress and negative emotions, on the contrary, increase it.American doctors examined nearly four hundred people and came to the conclusion that the cause of cardiovascular disease in patients over forty years may be carried forward in childhood adversity.

Analysis prepared by the U.S. lasted over thirty years. Offered to children seven years of protium tests that determine their emotional state. Later, when the participants crossed the forty-year mark, the doctors examined them again – this time in order to assess their exposure to heart disease. It was found that the correlation between dysfunctional childhood and the risk of heart disease in adulthood completely illusory.

Especially fragile in this regard were women. If a girl at a young age often faced with stress, after forty risk of heart disease increased it by 31%. For men, the figure was 17%. Speaking specifically about heart attacks, the women with their dysfunctional childhood probability was increased to 4.2%, and for men – 8.5%.

Interestingly, the heart can threaten and other effects of stress experienced in childhood – depression. More precisely, not the “black spleen” and the medications used in its treatment. Antidepressants belonging to the group of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs, the most common group of antidepressant medications) are a small but serious threat to the heart. This was stated by experts of the British Agency for the control of the circulation of drugs and medical supplies.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are often prescribed for the treatment of pulmonary physicians depressive disorders, especially – to be the first time. Threat in the first place are the preparations “Citalopram” and “Escitalopram”, British doctors warn. In some cases, they cause cardiac arrhythmias.

To this conclusion after studying the experts have histories of 38 patients. U.S. physicians and the UK have already appealed to colleagues to be as careful with these drugs, and reduced the maximum recommended dose. Particular care should be for patients who already have a history of cardiovascular disease. They should do more tests by a cardiologist before prescribing these drugs.

Earlier there were reports that the same group of antidepressants can become a cause of stroke. It is found Canadian experts from the University of Western Ontario. In particular, intracranial hemorrhagic stroke in patients taking SSRIs, occurs in 51% more often.

Canadian physicians have summarized the results of 16 previous studies, which combined for a total of 500 thousand people. It was found that those who took a group of antidepressants, the risk of intracranial hemorrhagic stroke was higher by 51%, and intracerebral hemorrhagic stroke – by 42%.

In fairness it should be noted that this type of stroke is very rare, and therefore the statistical probability of its occurrence is not significant even when taking medication. In general, and British, and Canadian doctors confirm that the benefits of treating depression in most cases far exceeds the harm caused by side effects.



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