How to Prevent Dehydration during the Summer

How to Prevent Dehydration during the Summer

Why do you need to drink water often in the heat and what is dehydration?

On hot days the risk of heatstroke, overheating, and dehydration. Who is more likely to be dehydrated and how to avoid it – read below.

A person constantly loses fluid through sweat, breathing, etc. But in the heat, it happens faster, so it is important not to miss even slight dehydration and maintain water balance.

Importance of the water balance

Daily loss of water by the human body is normal: we lose water with sweat, breathing, urination, saliva, tears. The fluid consumed in this way is renewed with water and food consumed by man. But in situations where a person loses a lot of fluid and does not replenish it, dehydration begins – a dangerous condition.

Not only in the heat, but in some diseases and conditions, dehydration can also occur – for example, diabetes, infectious diseases, diarrhea in kids.

Also in hot weather, physically active people and those who are not used to drinking enough fluids (the same kids because they do not control their drinking regime) are at risk of dehydration.

Such people in the heat and high humidity may not cool down effectively enough because little sweat or sweat does not evaporate. As a result, the risk of heat stroke, fever, and the need to replenish the body with water increases.

What are the symptoms of dehydration?

Even with small dehydration, there is dryness in the mouth, when urinating the color of urine is dark yellow. The skin becomes dry, cool, there is a headache, even muscle cramps. Often not only children but the elderly do not understand that they need to drink water.

Therefore, such people need the care of loved ones: let them drink water during lunch or breakfast, drink tea or compote, fruit juice, and their diet should be full of juicy fruits, soups, liquid foods.

Also do not forget about pets, the water in their bowls should be constant.

If you notice even mild dehydration, avoid carbonated water, especially sweet, alcohol, caffeine. They increase dehydration.

How to drink properly to avoid dehydration?

  • Drink fluids, preferably pure water, even with a slight thirst.
  • In the heat, it is important to drink often and in small sips.
  • Determine the correct amount of water.
  • Let the kids drink from a spoon or from a children’s drinker to make it easier to swallow, rather than from a large mug.
  • Drink even more water when there is a greater risk of dehydration. For example, if you have diarrhea, a cold, you overheat in the sun, you start sweating profusely after overheating, and so on.

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