Twitter may encourage, assist and drive your weight loss efforts

Twitter may encourage, assist and drive your weight loss efforts Most of the people assume Twitter as a place for joking around, complaining news topics and impressing others. However, for those aiming to lower their weight, Twitter could be a reliable source of supporting and driving their efforts forward. The Twitter analytic team observed about 15,000 tweets on an average centered mainly on weight loss being posted every day. Most of the tweets are focused upon support which is delivered through information.

According to health researcher McGrievy of University of South Carolina, it includes information such as tricks, tips and inspirations such as mantras. Posts centered on weight loss peaks higher during New Year period and drops down in March. It begins to gear up in June with more and more people aiming to spend more time outdoors with revealing outfits. The sunniest summer months force people to prioritize their health. Twitter comes across as a prime source of mental support in these situations.

In 2013, to explore the real connection between weight loss and tweeting about it, almost 96 obese and overweight people were studied by Turner-McGrievy and their colleagues. These individuals were actively interested in shedding the extra weight and made use of Twitter for social networking purposes. Whatever they discovered as a result seemed remarkable as with every ten tweets on weight loss, all the participants of this study lost a pound of weight on an average during six months time period.

According to Turner-McGrievy, it is an evidence of accountability in form of the impact of group support. It is something which ensures that weight loss is a priority and stays at the forefront of mind. Twitter was chosen for it provides instant support in decision making such as going to restaurant and not knowing about the proper to order. Some people may refer Twitter to discuss about their current fitness activities. Certain workout forms enjoy more popularity than others in contrast.

The data sourced from Twitter’s list of best 15 physical activities as discussed by the users, jogging and running holds top position. These are the most tweeted workout activities while the second place is occupied by Yoga. It is closely followed by fitness activities like cycling and spinning. Activities like circuit training and aerobics are placed in the bottom part of this list.

Fresh Twitter stats also revealed more on how the daytime chosen by people fluctuates based on the locations. Along the western coast, Los Angeles and San Francisco users begin their sweating out sessions within six to seven at morning. People living in Chicago and Dallas, exercise mostly in between eight to nine during the night. New Yorkers in largest numbers exercise within four to five in the evening on an average. Tuesday was marked as the day when people are pumped up and excited about sweating out and being expressive about it. It was closely followed by Monday and Wednesday, especially in the month of Jan and Feb.

However, the data also revealed about fewer people excited about sweating it out on weekends. Those seeking support and motivation to pursue their fitness goals can count on Twitter.

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