Do Workouts Increase Your Appetite or Dulls It?

Nutritionists and dietitians have long believed that exercise(s) helped in whetting an individual’s appetite. However, if two recent small trials are to be believed, workouts actually suppressed one’s appetite or food cravings. Young men and women, some who exercised regularly and some that were under diet-control, participated in two miniature clinical trials. All of them exhausted the same amount of calories either by exercising routinely or by eating less. It was observed that individuals who worked out habitually consumed much less food at a buffet compared to those were dieting.

Impact of running on the mountainous nature trail on mental health

Impact of running on the mountainous nature trail on mental healthRecent research study reveals that running on the mountainous nature is indeed beneficial for improving the mental health of human being. Though it is a commonly known fact but now it has been thoroughly established with this latest scientific study. The main advantage that once can derive on running in the mountain trails is the considerable evaporation of the negative feelings of sadness and anxiety.

Overdoing exercise may backfire in ugliest ways, say experts

Extreme exercising to maintain fitness levels beyond medically flagged off limits comes with its share of perils. Pushing your body too much may lead to heart damage, fractures, sleeping and blood poisoning, reveal research findings. According to orthopedic surgeon Dr Ocihai, massive jumps within activity levels make you vulnerable to stress fractures. Plenty of over-exercising injuries unfortunately range from tendonitis to rotator cut offs.