5 food flavors provoking overeating

When visiting grocery supermarkets, many people notice that the store always smells delicious. However, not everyone realizes that the reason for pleasant aromas is not bakeries or catering enterprises located in the same premises. The smells of “goodies”, as a rule, are distributed specially, placing in the pavilions containers with artificial flavors. This is a marketing move that forces visitors to spontaneously acquire a large number of food products. The fact is that some food flavors activate the work of the brain centers responsible for appetite. Breathing similar smells, store visitors begin to feel hungry, which stimulates the desire to buy more food.

Today we will talk about those food flavors that are the leaders of this kind and are most often used by grocery store marketers.


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The smell of chocolate is associated in a person with the most pleasant taste sensations, causing positive emotions. Inhaling this fragrance, we unconsciously return to early childhood, we feel the sweetness of mother’s milk, bound in our minds with security, goodness and peace. Susceptibility to the smell and taste of chocolate in people of different sex and age is not the same. For example, scientists know that many women simply can not not use such a delicacy at certain periods of the menstrual cycle and even risk gaining excess weight. Fortunately, there is a simple technique that reduces the inevitable negative effect caused by excessive consumption of sweet.

In order not to buy extra “yummies”, you need to carry a tile of high-quality bitter chocolate, which has at least 70% cocoa in it. It does not contain a lot of sugar, and even more than 2-3 lobules usually can not be eaten at the same time. At any time you can quickly quench the attack of “chocolate hunger” without burdening your body with extra calories and avoiding the acquisition of a large number of products harmful to the figure.

Bakery products

Bakery products

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Against the aromas of a warm dough, vanilla and cinnamon simply can not resist. They, like the smell of chocolate, cause a sense of security and comfort. No wonder many people, whose work is associated with a constant nervous strain, is so fond of lunch or after a hard day of buying fresh baked goods. If you can not deny yourself in sweet buns and pies, the only way out is to control the amount eaten. Prefer a small cupcake or liver. Instead of “ordinary” bread, try to get used to its whole grains or baked goods containing bran.

Take the rule of returning from work on foot – so you will spend at least part of the calories obtained as a result of consuming flour.



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The smell of meat, grilled on the grill, very much stimulates the appetite. As a result, people almost always eat it more than necessary. Excess calories are added and sauces for barbecue: they usually have such a high-calorie ingredient as corn syrup, as well as spicy and spicy spices, which also contribute to overeating. However, this should not cause a complete rejection of such dishes.

  • To minimize the harmful effects, you can do the following: сhoose for BBQ less caloric meats (chicken breast, turkey, rabbit, etc.);
  • Marinate meat in advance and do not smear it with sauce before frying;
  • When cooking, maintain a moderate fire. The frying time will increase slightly, but the meat will turn out soft, and its surface will not char;
  • Prepare the sauce yourself, avoiding a lot of sugar, acid and sharp spices;
  • Eat as much as possible herbs (coriander, parsley, basil, dill) with meat, greens of onion and garlic, lettuce and fresh vegetables.

With this approach to the consumption of meat and other products cooked on the grill, you will get maximum pleasure and will not cause significant harm to the body.



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Potato chips are recognized most harmful food: in the substantial absence of vitamins and other biologically active substances, they are supersaturated with salt and synthetic flavorings (including those that provoke overeating and addictive). Their regular use not only detriments the digestive tract, but also results in a partial rejection of ordinary food, which begins to be perceived as fresh and tasteless.

Nevertheless, many people eat chips every day: they are attracted by the smell of spices and flavor additives, as well as a characteristic crunch, which, according to scientists, is also able to arouse appetite. Of course, the use of any other dish from potatoes is much preferable.

If you really want crisps, do not eat them from the package. Lay the slices on a plate, take one at a time and thoroughly chew each piece: so you will eat less. There is another option: to replace potato chips with salted nuts (for example, pistachios). This product still contains useful substances, and it is much more difficult to use it in large quantities.



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The smell of fried bacon is extremely attractive. It stimulates appetite and provokes overeating. It is not for nothing that this flavor is especially in demand in the production of chips, snacks, crackers and other popular fast food.

A small piece of smoked pork, fried with fried eggs or laid on a sandwich, can not harm a healthy person. The trouble is that in one piece the matter is not usually limited.

A bacon lover can somewhat deceive his appetite and avoid overeating. For example, it is possible to add smoked tomatoes or paprika to the prepared dishes: their smell is very similar to the smell of smoked pork. You can replace the pork bacon smoked turkey breast, which contains fewer calories.

The problem of dependence of appetite on enticing food aromas will largely be resolved if you constantly monitor your actions. It is very important to monitor the portions of food that you consume at home or at public catering points. There is always the opportunity to buy one pie instead of two or bake cupcakes in smaller molds. In addition, it is desirable to generally reduce the amount of consumed ready meals and give preference to home-cooked dishes, the composition of which is precisely known.

When you visit grocery stores, you can avoid spontaneous purchases provoked by the tricks of marketers. Experts advise never to buy food, being hungry, because increased appetite almost always leads to uncontrolled filling of the basket with excess products. It is also useful to come to the store with a pre-compiled list of products. Following these rules, you can avoid unnecessary waste and use of excess and harmful food for health.


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