Facts that you must have to be well aware of regarding Matcha

Facts that you must have to be well aware of regarding MatchaRecently, I have been encountering lot of questions regarding Matcha. It never comes as a surprise to me because during the ongoing fashion week on New York I have heard that many coffee enthusiasts are having a nice sip of matcha shots over coffee. The expression matcha actually implies powdered green tea. It comprises of actual green tea leaves unlike the general green tea. These leaves are crumbled into powder to transform them into the solution with the help of hot water.

Preparation of matcha normally involves tea plants covering with shading clothes prior to the harvest. This ultimately accelerates leaf growth with suitable texture and flavor that are briefly steamed, hand-picked for the objective of aging and drying in the cold storage for deepening the taste. Leaves that become dried are finally grinded into loose powder. This beverage is a surplus source of essential nutrients and is excess in polyphenols along with minerals and vitamins. As a result, its health benefits mainly include anti-aging, reduction of blood pressure, better regulation of blood sugar, prevention of cancer and heart disease.

It comes with another anti-oxidant known as EGCG for boosting metabolism and halting or slowing the cancer cells formation. The major advantage of consuming matcha is that you are in-taking higher concentration of caffeine in comparison to general tea. As such it helps in the development of alert calmness due to the presence of natural compound known as I theanine for inducing relaxation. For ensuring sound sleep, it is better to drink matcha minimum 6 hours before going to bed.

The tea is a part of traditional Japanese culture and is as popular like meditation. Over past decades researches are being conducted on this beverage for unveiling its weight loss and other health benefits. Of late it has been found that matcha plays a vital role in reducing the secretion of cortisol which is responsible for increased formation of fat in the belly. Its other good impacts on human health mainly include reduction of blood pressure and inflammation. Matcha is a strong flavored beverage and people often compared its taste like that of spinach or grass. But at the same time the beverage also comes with potential negative impact on your health.

Like every organic tea, this beverage also comprises of higher concentration of leads that environmentally penetrates inside the plants of tea. Hence researchers have recommended that matcha must not be sipped beyond one cup every day to avoid potential health hazards. This beverage can also be used in many tasty dishes and can be used for preparing of puddings, brownies and muffins as well. You can also add matcha in various other dishes for fulfilling your purpose of experimentation. It will not only bring diversity in the taste but will also make your health much fit and sound. Scientists are of the opinion that matcha can be used for adopting much healthy lifestyles compared to other beverages.

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