10 interesting facts about the benefits of dates

Dates are very nutritious

Since ancient times, dates have been famous for their healing properties. It was believed that the fruits of date palms give strength, endurance, increase life expectancy, enhance male sexual potency. They strengthen the heart, liver and kidneys, promote the development of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, maintain the acid balance of the body and nourish blood, promote the development of the root ends of the brain, enhance the body’s ability to resist various infections, including viral. Dates are also useful in anemia and hypertension, for the chest and lungs, calm cough and promote the withdrawal of sputum, are extremely useful for brain activity. Dietary fiber contained in dates, reduce the risk of cancer.

By its dietary properties dates can only be compared with cereals. Nutritionists claim that one date and a glass of milk can provide the minimum necessary human need for nutrients. 23 kinds of amino acids contained in dates are absent in most other fruits. In dried dates fruits contain 60-65% of sugar – the highest percentage compared to all other fruits. And this is mainly glucose and fructose, the consumption of which does not have negative consequences for the human body in comparison with sucrose. However, at the same time, they are contraindicated to people suffering from obesity and diabetes.

Dates are not just a useful alternative to sweets. And here are some interesting facts about these fruits, which you probably did not know.

1. Dates are very nutritious. They contain nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which for a long time retain a sense of satiety.

2. Due to the high content of glucose, the dates stimulate brain activity, helping to concentrate and perform the assigned tasks much faster.

3. Dried dates are champions among dried fruits by the content of polyphenols, which provide the body with antioxidant protection. And due to vitamins C and E, the antioxidant effect is further enhanced.

4. One fruit of the date contains an average of 23 kcal, so you should not abuse them.

5. The dates strengthen the heart. They are also shown to people suffering from hypertension. Regular consumption of dates helps to control the pressure.

6. Dates are irreplaceable in the fight against colds and infections, as they lead out phlegm and calm cough.

7. Just a few dates will make up 27% of the daily potassium, 15% of magnesium and 12% of vitamin B6. They must be included in their diet to those who are constantly stressed or feel chronic fatigue.

8. Regular use of dates helps the body recover faster after a disease or surgery.

9. Dates contribute to the removal from the body of excess fluid that causes swelling.

10. Just one date and a glass of milk are able to provide the minimum human need for all basic amino acids.

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