The occurrence of concussion greatly increases the suicide risk among the patients

The occurrence of concussion greatly increases the suicide risk among the patientsA recent Canadian study has found that people suffering from concussion are much more exposed to the risk of committing suicide against the population in general. It normally happens due to traumatic injury in brain and person suffering from this disorder often shakes violently. This new research is mainly concentrated on studying the impact of this disorder on general people who are neither military personnel nor athletes. Previously only people involved in military service and various sporting activities were mainly selected to study the effect of this neural disorder after suffering injuries in the brain. According to Doctor Redelmeier, the reason for such previous approach due to increased incidents of suicides among the persons involved in these fields only. But now it is time for increasing the ambit of the research through studying the risk impact among common people even in the case of mild brain injury.

Researchers in order to study its impact on ordinary individuals have so far analyzed the medical report of adults, living in Ontario, who have been examined with the occurrence of mild concussion from the period between the years of 1992-2012. Above 230,000 individuals have been included in the study and after its conclusion it was found that on an average duration of 9 years around 667 individuals who have suffered from the problem of concussion had committed suicide. The study also reveals that rate of such suicide committal is three times more than the usual suicidal rate in population in general. In Canada the average is of nine suicides on every 100,000 individuals on yearly basis.

People suffering from concussions during weekends have the highest chance of committing suicide than those suffering from concussions during weekdays. Concussions during weekdays can happen during working hours and it involves the appropriate protocol treatment. Concussions taking place during the weekdays are quite simple to be shrugged off without actually slowing down. Risk of suicides among patients normally increases after experiencing injury in the brain irrespective of the previous history of mental conditions of such patients. According to Redelmeier, these things must be considered in the right perspective to obtain a suitable conclusion.

According to Craig Brian, who is not a member of this study team, nearly four to five million suicide cases due to concussions take place in US alone on an annual basis. It is because of this problem that patient faces the risk of increased disturbance of sleep along with depression which in turn can severely hamper the process of decision making among the affected person. He is also of the opinion that the risk of this brain injury is mainly exposed to those people who are a habitual alcohol drinker. People who have been diagnosed with the occurrence of concussion must follow the prescribed medical advice which normally suggests sound sleep and complete rest for the affected person. Even in case of feeling better, patient must not get down to work immediately.

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