Weightlifting vs “Bodybuilding” and how it applies to YOU

Weightlifting V. “Bodybuilding” and how it applies to YOUYou know, not everyone has to be a ‘bodybuilder’ per say to lift weights. There are many healthy benefits from working out, such as an increase in positive mood, weight loss, diet stability, and an overall increase in daily physical and mental motivation.

Healthier Life

According to a 2014 UCLA Research Report, the greater amount of muscles involved in a cardiovascular activity that we participate in, the greater chance of a prolonged healthy life. According to Arun Karlamangla, M.D, strength-training will increase muscle mass, providing more much needed protection for our body should an accident occur, as well as providing the ability for us to access fat and muscle storage for energy as necessary. Added strength and stabilities of muscle also provide for a lessened likelihood that injuries will occur through everyday activities and sports—including weight lifting.

Sleep Improvements

In a 2012 study, it was found that both older and younger men benefited from regular workouts. As cardiovascular activity and intense workouts fulfilled the minds cravings for psychological fulfillment, confidence, and physical improvements in everyday strength and coordination were also derived from fitness routines. Cases of insomnia were less prevalent, and those whom were diagnosed with this sleep disorder had better results in combatting said illness—with accompanying treatment and medication.

Burn those Calories

Weightlifting, even if not to an “extreme” bodybuilding like form, provides safe and healthy caloric burning and allows unwanted toxins from your body to be expelled. Even post-workout, calories continue to be burned after a hefty workout!

Workout at home

Working out and personal fitness is not restricted to the gym. While you have the ability to sprint and receive cardio this inside or out of the gym, you can also use basic resistance bands and free-weights to get in your workout at home. Did you know that the average workout could take between 30-45 minutes plus stretching? This isn’t too much time out of your day, and the results are extremely rewarding. Feel good and look good with noticeable rewards from the moment you begin working out and pushing your body to the next limit.

Increase your Heart health

The American Heart Association recommends weight lifting at least twice a week to exercise your heart, challenge it, and give it much needed circulatory strength. This will decrease the likelihood of high blood pressure (outside of workout routines), heart attack, and stroke. Especially for those that have these diseases by genetic inclination, it’s important to consult with a Physician first. Chances are, if not weight lifting, that even something as fun and active as swimming could make all the difference in a healthier heart for you and your body.

Greater balance in life

Through stretching, weight lifting, resistance training, and other cardiovascular activities we provide the body with an increased psychological and physical ability to be more efficient in balance. It has been found in recent research that senior adults are 30% or more less likely to experience falls and injury from loss of balance or coordination–as they maintain a regular workout and appropriate dietary routine.

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