Fiber rich diets may aid in preventing allergies

Fiber rich diets may aid in preventing allergies Scientists have their own set of theories on explanation for the rise of food allergies. It covers extra clean dishes to the rising costs of caesarean section of birth including the instances in few recent years. Presently, a new series of studies suggest a different factor which might have a role to play in food allergies i.e. dietary fiber. According to immunologist Mackay, this idea germinated from the concept that gut bacteria have all the enzymes required for digesting the dietary fiber. As soon as the bacteria break down fiber, substances which aid in preventing allergic reply to foods are also produced, believes Charles Mackay.

Research based on this concept was tried upon mice and diet related factors are probably not the only explanation for rise in allergy rates, convey researchers. In case the same thing is replicated with humans, it suggests that promotion of the development of good gut bacteria may provide the protection. They can also reverse the damage caused by allergies, expressed the researchers.

According to a survey, 15 million US people suffer food allergies. As much of 90% of them are quite allergic to either of eggs, fish, peanuts, wheat, milk, soy, tree nuts and shellfish. The exact reason for their allergenic behavior is yet to be revealed but it could be due to such food remaining undigested after reaching the gut. Undigested compound may proceed from gut towards the bloodstream to be identified by antibodies. Immune cells made to identify foreign invaders may also recognize them, believes researcher Cathryn Nagler.

As per study in 2011, researchers observed that short chain fatty acids prevent the gut cells against turning very permeable and allowing any problematic compound from entering into blood. Leaky gut isn’t a nice thing as the undesirable elements move into bloodstream from the gut. As a result, they threaten the entire immune system, expressed Mackay.

Environmental factors can act in combination with fiber low diet for promoting allergies. Antibiotics used with agriculture widely and to treat ear infections with toddlers and babies kills the gut bacteria. Fiber low diet combined with antibiotics could be the double weapon to deal with such allergic responses, expressed Nagler.

New findings throw a light on ways to prevent and oppose certain allergies. Probiotics which recolonizes the gut along with healthy category of clostridia can be used for allergy treatments, notes Nagler. According to a study, peanut allergic children were able to consume the nut with no allergic reaction after receiving probiotics. The good news is that such a tolerance towards peanuts continued after their treatment.

The rise of food allergies is contributed by several factors out there. According to epidemiological studies, having pets, siblings and washing the dishes through hand may influence the vulnerability of such allergies. However, the experts believe it’s too early to draw conclusion and make recommendations out of a preliminary data. According to the outcome of a new study, children served with peanuts regularly from an early age significantly lowered their chances of having peanut allergy.

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