Simple remedies for treatment of flu

Simple remedies for treatment of flu Flu symptoms bring a miserable feeling including fever, nasal congestion, sore throat, cough, chills and aches. However, there are means to stay healthy and feel better out of this condition. Antiviral drugs prescription could simplify flu symptoms whenever consumed shortly after getting sick. There are many cases where easy home remedies can provide the much needed relief. These are more than enough to moderate the symptoms of this condition.

Often people under this condition become dehydrated if they have diarrhea or vomiting. Thus, it is better to consume enough fluids to remain hydrated. Water, soda, electrolyte beverages and fruit juices would be fine. Due to caffeine being a diuretic, people often eliminate caffeinated drinks from their diet. However, herbal tea mixed with honey may relieve a sore throat. People who feel nauseated should also consume liquid in small sips for it can help them to throw up. To ensure the body is receiving enough fluids, the urine should appear pale yellow or colorless.

There are many people who consume alcohol on a daily basis. However, it is better to avoid even a single drop of alcohol. According to medical professional William Schaffner, the ultimate thing to do in a condition of flu is to drink alcohol. The preventive medicine expert from Vanderbilt School of Medicine, Nashville, says that it gives a sleepy feeling which is already provided by the disease.

For several generations almost, many parents who care about their children serve chicken soup to their kids to fight this disease. There were questions over the effectiveness of this soup in relieving the condition. However, the cloud of doubts should be cleared after a certain discovery. According to a study which came out in a journal, chicken soup could be helpful by fighting the symptoms of higher respiratory tract infection such as flu.

Reid B. Blackwelder, a family medicine professor, points out that chicken soup can be helpful with the symptoms. However, not all the doctors advocate that chemistry solely explains the apparent benefits of this soup. Leaning over a bowl consisting hot chicken soup gives out a vapor which enters the nose and provides a good positive feeling. However, according to William Schaffner, some of these benefits are clearly categorized as emotional. It will give good felling automatically when someone prepares the soup for a person who is diseased.

During such condition, it better to listen to the need of the body. When the body is not ready to exercise, it is better to avoid indulgence in such activities. If the body is indicating to rest all day long, one should follow this. There is no need for engaging into daily chores when one is facing extreme cold or symptoms of flu. According to Blackwelder, rest is body’s one of the ways to support the ability of fighting infection. The above mentioned remedies could be more than handy as these could be practiced in home. Thus, there is not always the need for physicians and doctors to deal with this kind of condition.

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