Allergies in Dogs: What Dog Owners Need To Know

Allergies in Dogs: What Dog Owners Need To KnowDogs are exposed to various diseases. And the allergy is no exception. In this matter, you need to act quickly, because only so you can return the former health of the pet. What to do with an allergy will be discussed in this article, and then problems with prompt rendering of the necessary help should not arise.

The first step is to know what allergy symptoms in dogs are. There are several options:

  • Inflammation of the skin, focal
  • Severe itching
  • Irritation of inflamed skin areas due to constant licking or biting of the skin
  • Loss of wool in large quantities

When these symptoms are noticed, you should immediately seek help from a specialist who will prescribe the correct treatment.

The causes of allergies in dogs can be as follows:

  • Allergy to flea bites. This is the most common form. Even one small flea, which has found itself in the animal’s fur, can cause incredible inconveniences and cause severe irritation. Itching for such parasites does not leave the pet for two weeks.
  • Food allergy. Also not a rare phenomenon, which is accompanied by diarrhea, vomiting, and even infection of the bladder. But to identify the allergen is sometimes very difficult, only full-fledged tests help.
  • Atopic dermatitis. Occurs when the dog inhales pollen of different plants, house dust or mold. Also, the allergy can be on various household products that are needed for cleaning and cleaning in the house.

Of course, to protect the pet from all diseases is impossible. But it is worth paying special attention to the place where the animal lives and its nutrition.

Allergies in dogs – how to treat

Treatment of allergies in dogs begins in the detection of a so-called allergen. When the owner knows exactly what caused this or that reaction, then in the future it will be possible to avoid such a situation. But such diagnostics can take a lot of time for which the animal will suffer. That’s when you can not do without medication.

Alergia in dogs, in general, treated with antihistamine and cortisone. The doctor prescribes drugs depending on the type of allergy, general health, weight and age. When a secondary infection occurs, antibiotics must be used.

Among the usual tools are recommended to use a special hypoallergenic shampoo, which gently wraps the coat, reduces skin irritation. If fleas were found, then they need to get rid of by using special means. In any pet store there is a huge selection of such products.

But do not treat allergies in dogs yourself. Each action must be approved by the veterinarian. After all, only it will help you choose the best option.

The most accurate allergy in dogs is determined by a special injection under the animal’s skin. Allergens are injected into it and after half an hour they look at the reaction. If the site of the injection is swollen, red, then the allergen is found to be correct. Further, it remains only to exclude the allergen from the diet of the pet.

Food allergies in dogs are treated with a diet with an exception. The animals are started to give new products one by one. The reaction is observed for a week, after which time another product is added, and so on. Continue until the body itself does not respond to the allergen.

To prevent the possible occurrence of food allergies in dogs, you should buy him only high-quality products and dry premium foods. If you still have a problem – go to a diet food, designed for dogs prone to allergies.

Dilute the diet also with additional goodies, which are easy to find in veterinary pharmacies or pet stores. But for prophylaxis should be stocked with feed additives. But excessive use of such, or chaotic choice of products can have only negative consequences. Each step should be specified additionally with the attending physician of the pet, who knows everything about him and keeps his medical history.

Allergies in dogs are not the most complex disease. And the right approach to treatment will quickly put your pet on your feet and give him a happy and carefree days.

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