St. Louis Archway Bridge: Are they UFOs?

August 18, 2016


Recently, a suspicious flickering light and an unidentified flying object were observed late at night in St. Louis near the familiar landmark Arch Bridge. This location happens to be a rather normal one in which previous proclaimed “UFO” sightings have taken place in the past.

Usefulness of tai-chi to escape from the pain of knee joint conveniently

July 27, 2016


Tai-chi is a traditional form of Chinese martial art which is very much beneficial to health besides guaranteeing solid physical defense. It is considered to be the most traditional form of meditation in China which involves deep breathing along with slow movements of the fluids. According to a latest study, it has been found that this traditional Chinese form of meditation can be the most ideal substitute of general physical therapy in reducing pain among the people who are suffering from the problem of knee osteoarthritis. Apart from causing knee pain, this problem is also responsible for the cause of disability of various types among older adults.

Healthy Living: Unsaturated v. Saturated Fats

July 21, 2016

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Recent studies by scientific researchers and scholars at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health have found that replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats can dramatically decrease the likelihood of early mortality, as well as various illnesses and disease.

Do Workouts Increase Your Appetite or Dulls It?

June 11, 2016


Nutritionists and dietitians have long believed that exercise(s) helped in whetting an individual’s appetite. However, if two recent small trials are to be believed, workouts actually suppressed one’s appetite or food cravings. Young men and women, some who exercised regularly and some that were under diet-control, participated in two miniature clinical trials. All of them exhausted the same amount of calories either by exercising routinely or by eating less. It was observed that individuals who worked out habitually consumed much less food at a buffet compared to those were dieting.

Eye Care Made Affordable

May 4, 2016


In recent scientific development a New Zealand (junior) doctor by the name of Hong Sheng Chiong innovated a new set of various technological tools required to perform basic (to advanced) ophthalmic examinations and diagnosis. These diagnosis in which would have otherwise cost tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Facts that you must have to be well aware of regarding Matcha

March 31, 2016


Recently, I have been encountering lot of questions regarding Matcha. It never comes as a surprise to me because during the ongoing fashion week on New York I have heard that many coffee enthusiasts are having a nice sip of matcha shots over coffee. The expression matcha actually implies powdered green tea. It comprises of actual green tea leaves unlike the general green tea. These leaves are crumbled into powder to transform them into the solution with the help of hot water.

The occurrence of concussion greatly increases the suicide risk among the patients

March 11, 2016

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A recent Canadian study has found that people suffering from concussion are much more exposed to the risk of committing suicide against the population in general. It normally happens due to traumatic injury in brain and person suffering from this disorder often shakes violently.

Would We Live Longer or Stay Healthier if We Became Vegans?

January 21, 2016

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Though vegans and non-vegetarians will continue debating on whether including animal protein in a balanced dieting regimen is always healthier than subsisting exclusively on greens, some facts stand out. For instance, an individual who’s been consuming pure vegetarian fare for the last two decades will tend to outlive his or her non-vegetarian counterpart by nothing less than 4 years.

Centering your “Energy” for Sleep

December 15, 2015

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Getting sleep in today’s loud, stressful, and busy-bee like world of constant responsibilities, domestic disputes, responsibilities of children, pets, and a million other reasons are what often keep the average American from getting to sleep on time.

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